Part of the ongoing strength of Thor Urbana has been the support of two internationally recognized real estate companies.

Thor Equities, a global leader in the investment, development and management of premier retail and mixed-use properties, adds significant value to the company through its decades of experience and vast relationships with leading international retailers.Furthermore, consultant GFA has provided Thor Urbana with unparalleled expertise in the design, construction and development of projects of the highest quality in Mexico.

  • Thor Equities

    Thor Equities is a leader in the development, leasing and management of commercial, residential, retail, hotel and mixed-use assets in premier urban locations worldwide.

    The company maximizes returns for investors by recognizing a property’s potential, reducing operating expenses, increasing tenant satisfaction, and leveraging market trends to maintain a long-term competitive edge.

    Thor Equities is also the exclusive representative of global retailers through Thor Retail Advisors, a premier leasing agent for marquee properties worldwide.

  •  GFA

    Founded by architects Elias Fasja and Salomon Gorshtein, based out of Mexico City, GFA is one of the most recognized developers and operators of class A real estate in Mexico. Since its founding in 1964, it has developed more than 2.5 million m2 in urban residential projects, offices and prime beach resorts.

    GFA has the philosophy and commitment of always developing assets of the highest quality, which have become icons and architectural references in the country, with fresh visions of design and state of the art technology.

    GFA, a benchmark in luxury residential developments in the country, stands out not only by a high level architecture and functionality, but also for being in markets that consistently values and demands its products. This combination has allowed the company to provide an attractive return on investment to its partners and investors.

    The Company has a presence in Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, Toluca, Acapulco, Metropolitan Mexico City and Cancun, among others.